About Academic Writers

Academic Writers is a platform for freelance writers who desire to earn money from home based job of writing the academic papers. The Academic Writers was established in 2004 with the sole purpose to help student in writing their academic papers such as dissertations, theses, assignments, coursework and essays for different levels. The Academic Writers also aims to provide the earning opportunities for those skilled and professional writers who feel uneasy to face their rude bosses in the routine 9 to 5 jobs and want to work from home to earn handsome money.

Benefits of working with the Academic Writers

Fortunately, both of these objectives have successfully been achieved - thanks for our committed writers who are the main source of our customers' satisfaction. Now, with a solid reputation of a professional organization of freelance writers, we are expanding our business to offer the earning opportunities for the freelance writers from all over the world. However, our focus is solely from the European countries to hire the native English writers.

  • How the Academic Writers was Established
  • Academic Writers was initially started by a group of ex-professers who were retired from their university jobs and wanted to earn money from home. Soon, after the positive response of the university students, the Academic Writers was expanded to hire and accomodate more freelance writers from different parts of the world to meet the growing demand of the customers. Till now, we have recruited more than 500 professional freelance writers and still looking for qualified writers who want to be a part of this growing organiation.
  • What you must possess
  • As a freelance writer, you must possess excellent writing skills, meet the deadlines and write 100% original work. As we are providing academic paper writing services to our UK and USA students, the prerequisite from our writers is the sound knowledge of writing the academic papers such as dissertation writing, thesis writing, essay writing and assignment writing on a wide range of topics. Hence, the writer should be familiar with the writing styles such as MLA, APA, Harvard and other citation styles as may be required by the university. Further, the writer should be able to provide high quality work with 100% guarantee of original research. Deadlines are the most important factor to satisfy our customers. We cannot tolerate any lateness, plagiarism or low quality work. If you are confident to meet all these requisites then we can also give you the guarantee of earning as much as you may dream to live a luxurious life.
  • What our writers says
  • "Excellent payment system! I earn what I just dreamt but did not know where to find such job. Now I am quite satisfied and work only from home saying goodbye to my boss. "
    Andy, UK

    "The payments are regular and I have no issue to get orders and paid for what I write. I think this is the best service which guarantees on time payments and the best rates per page."
    Adam, USA

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