How to Apply

At Academic Writers we have simplified the registration process. Unlike other writing services, we don’t waste our writers’ valuable time through various rigid tests and waiting for the results. We know the one who wishes to enter into the field of writing must already possess writing skills and inherent talent. What we do with new comers is to polish and refine their writing skills by providing guidance about how to write and perfect paper as per the requirements of our customers.

If you think you have the skills that may pave the way for you to become a genuine writer, you just need to follow the following few steps:

  • Fill the REGISTRATION FORM and attach your CV with sample work (if you are already working as a writer with any other writing service.

  • As soon as we receive your resume and the sample work, our editors will review the work and let us know if you are worth hiring for this job. Once your request is cleared by our editors, we will notify you by giving you the login information and you can update your profile so we may know how and when we should contact you if you apply for any order and what area of study you are interested in.

  • Finally you can upload your completed orders and see instantly how much you have earned every day. Our automatic database will show your completed orders and the earning amount so you know instantly how much you will be paid on the payment date. This will motivate you to do more work and earn as much as you can.